b'Our Games, Animations & VideosMake Learning Fun and Memorable Our content comes in a variety of formats. Just pick your favorite style.Whiteboard Cyber Dictionaries AnimationsSTYLE: These 60-second cyber STYLE: A chalkboard artistdictionary videos make it easy takes you inside a workplaceto identify the latest cyber where unwary employees are lured by hackersthreats. In seconds, users become aware of the ways in into online behaviors that lead to damaging datawhich sensitive information can be compromised if they breaches. Each story tells users how to spot andarent careful online. Awareness serves as yet another avoid these attacks.Content lessons are reinforceddeterrent.at the end with quick tips and a quiz.Spot the Phish Interactive GamesSTYLE: Real or phony? Users STYLE: Users earn pointsmust decide if sample emails, and play time by correctlywebsite logins, advertisements, responding to cybersecuritygovernment notices and other types of media are challenges.Leaderboard allows player to see wherelegitimate or phishing attempts.they rank against other users. Games formats include Jump, Match and Trivia.Live HackSTYLE: In this video series, ERMProtects ethical hackers demonstrate common attacks and then explain how to avoid them.2019 ERMProtect. All rights reserved.'