b'Be Smart. Be Aware. Be Secure.Case Studies: How ERMProtect Training Lowered Cyber Risk for 3 OrganizationsIn just 12 months, employee behavior changed significantly.Educational Institution Cuts Risk Bank Reduces Cyber Risk andby More than HalfEnhances Compliance CLIENT: A 25,000+ employee university in search ofCLIENT: A 200+ employee bank exploring options to solutions to protect employees against cyber threats. reduce cyber risk and comply with bank regulations / n Before Training: 15% of workforce clicked onstandards. malicious links; 10% entered confidential credentials CREDENTIAL PHISHING n After 12 months: 5% of workforce clicked onn Before Training: 2.5% of workforce tricked into malicious links; 4% entered confidential credentials entering confidential credentials.n After 12 months: Zero employees entered confidential credentialsFinancial Institution Shores Up its PHONY PASSWORD RESETS Defenses Through Training n Before Training: 1 in 10 employees reset password CLIENT: A 1,000+ employee financial institutionfor phony customer.exploring options to reduce cyber risk and complyn After 12 months: Zero employees reset password.with regulations. MALICIOUS EMAILSn Before Training: Nearly 4 in 10 employees lured byn Before Training: About 35% of bank employees simulated phishing attacks. clicked on phishing emails.n After 12 months: Only about 1 in 10 employees gotn After 12 months: 20% clicked on phishing emails, and phished, and the number continues to drop. the number continues to drop. 305-447-6750 |[email protected] |https://ermprotect.com'