b'Be Smart. Be Aware. Be Secure.InteractiveCyberGames DictionairesPlayers earn points and play time by correctlyThese 60-second cyber dictionary videos provide responding to cybersecurity challenges. Leaderboardsquick-hit know-how so employees can identify cyber allow players to see where they rank against otherthreats when they see them. They also explain users. Game formats include Jump, Match and Trivia.commonly used IT terms such as ransomware and SAMPLE TOPICSfirewall. These are designed for use by employees nEmail Security nRansomware who need a basic level of awareness to assist the nPassword Security nClean Desk organization in maintaining information security. nSmartphone Security nGDPR Awareness serves as yet another deterrent. nSocial Media nInsider Threat SAMPLE TOPICS nWorking from Home nPhysical SecuritynPII nSecurity on the Move nEmail Security nSpywarenVishing nWeb Browser nHacker nVirusnPhishing nTrojan HorsenSpear Phishing nWorm Lecture nPharming nBackdoorCourses nFirewall nExploitnCloud nBitcoinThese training modules consist of 5 to 11 sequentialnIP Address nDDOSvideo modules that give users a progressivelynHTTP vs. HTTPS nAdwaredeeper level of understanding of common types ofnRootkits nDumpster Divingcyberattacks. Once users understand the threats,nKey Logger nEncryptionthey are provided with specific tips on how to avoidnRansomware nJailbreakingbeing victimized so that they are able the protect their organizations sensitive data.The videos are interspersed with quizzes to test learning as users progress through the training. SAMPLE TOPICSnEmail Security nSecurity on the MovenSocial Media Security nIoT SecuritynSocial Engineering nInsider ThreatnSmartphone Security nSecurity at HomenMalware nPCI305-447-6750 |[email protected] |https://ermprotect.com'