b'Our Training Library is Extensive, Diverse and Designed for Multiple Levels of CompetencyWhether you need training on basic IT security, to emerging threats, to data compliance, weve got you covered!nCybercrimeTrojan HorsenClean Desk PolicynWeb Browser SecurityWhiteboard nVishingAnimation Courses nHacked but Dont Yet Know ItnInsider ThreatA chalkboard artist takes users inside a workplacenData Leakswhere unwary employees are lured by hackersnCloud Securityinto online behaviors that lead to damaging datanDDOS Attacksbreaches. Each story tells users how to spot andnSecurity vs. Complianceavoid these attacks. Content lessons are reinforced atnBusiness Continuity Planningthe end with Quick Tips and a Quiz.nSecurity During Mergers & AcquisitionsSAMPLE TOPICSnInformation Security ROInEmail Security nIntellectual PropertynPassword Security nThird-Party VendorsnSmartphone SecuritynPhysical SecuritynIoT Security nNISTnSocial Media Security nGLBAnSocial Engineering Security nHIPAAnRansomware/Malware nPCInPhishing nPHInSecurity on the Move nGDPRnNew Employee Onboarding nPIInWorking from Home nHITECH 2019 ERMProtect. All rights reserved.'