b'Vendor Risk Management Services Chief Information Security Officeras a ServiceReview and advise on contracts and manage third parties involved in the collection, protection, transfer,Delivers expert security leadership and a supporting and/or use of regulated data, and offer guidance onteam of consultants to help businesses develop and ways to minimize privacy compliance risks, includingimplement information security programs that guard pre-contract due diligence and contract requirements,sensitive information, strengthen brand reputation, contract reviews, vendor risk assessments, cloudprotect customer data, and solve unique cybersecurity services policy and guidance, outsourcing guidance, and challenges.third-party management program and policy.Review and Implementation of Technical and Operational SafeguardsReview and implementation of technical and operational safeguards to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk, including security architecture.Breach and Incident Response ServicesDevelop and test an Incident Response Plan that defines roles and responsibilities, spells out specific actions and establishes protocols for periodic tests and updates of the plan. ISO 27001 / NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment Identify gaps in compliance and certify against ISO27001 and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, two frameworks for organizations to implement a standardized approach to information security.Privacy Officer as a ServiceServe as a strategic partner to ensure your organization is privacy compliant and provide guidance and advice as requested as Subject Matter Experts in Privacy and/or Cybersecurity.305-447-6750 |[email protected] |https://ermprotect.com'