b'DATA BREACH INVESTIGATIONS& DIGITAL FORENSICS What We DoIn the event of a breach, our seasoned security experts respond quickly to contain, investigate and recover from the breach. In cases of misconduct, fraud and litigation, our forensic specialists find critical information, analyze it and report back with actionable findings. SERVICES PCI PFI Data Breach InvestigationsAs a certified PCI PFI company, ERMProtect is one of Data Breach Investigations a handful of firms certified globally to conduct PCI-compliant investigations of credit card data breaches. & RemediationWe investigate, help contain the breach and report The ERMProtect team provides on-demand incidentfindings to the Payment Card brands and PCI Council. response to cyberattacks. Our digital forensic experts help organizations to contain, investigate and recoverData Breach Response Plansfrom breaches. All digital evidence is acquired andThe success or failure of an attack depends heavily on preserved in a manner that is admissible in a court ofthe organizations incident response capabilities. We law. Post-breach, our cyber experts spell out specifichelp organizations develop an Incident Response Plan steps to shore up defenses. that defines roles and responsibilities, spells out specific actions and establishes protocols for periodic tests and Digital Forensics updates of the plan. A treasure trove of evidence resides on computers, digital and mobile devices. Our forensic team is trainedData Breach Vulnerability Testingand certified to use the latest tools to find and preserveAn organizations incident response capabilities must evidence within the appropriate legal frameworks.be tested periodically to ensure they address evolving Our team includes veteran investigators who havethreats. We perform live, simulated attacks, then work managed complex, franchise-stakes investigations. alongside the client to improve and update capabilities using table-top exercises and other techniques.305-447-6750 |[email protected] |https://ermprotect.com'