b'COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENTS,REMEDIATION & IMPLEMENTATIONWhat We DoOur team performs deep-dive assessments of the cybersecurity posture of organizations, their vendors and / or merger targets. We identify gaps, prioritize improvements and help implement solutions. These assessments can cover all aspects affecting data protection, including technical security, physical security and information-handling processes and procedures. Our suite of implementation and remediation solutions includes outsourcing and ongoing advisory services.SERVICES Security Risk AssessmentsSecurity Risk Assessments analyze, identify and quantify an organizations risks, threats, and countermeasures Comprehensive Information related to its information assets. The goal is to initiate Security Assessments an ongoing process of identification, remediation, and A Comprehensive Information Security Assessmentprevention of cybersecurity issues. These assessments is an in-depth technical examination of designs,can help organizations with limited cybersecurity configurations, documentation, processes and dailybudgets prioritize where and how resources should practices. The assessment covers all critical softwarebe allocated to best protect information assets and and hardware, as well as physical and administrativeinfrastructure.procedures, implemented at your organization. This assessment is truly comprehensive and will provide anPhysical Security Assessmentsin-depth picture of the shape of your enterprise-wideNot all data breaches happen due to technical reasons. cybersecurity and what you need to do to improve it. Old-fashioned theft and physical attacks can easily bypass sophisticated technical cybersecurity measures. Physical Security Assessments help evaluate your2019 ERMProtect. All rights reserved.'