b'ERMPROTECT: YOUR TRUSTED IT PARTNERE RMProtect helps organizations fight back againstnExpertisecyberthreats with a powerful arsenal of solutionsWe employ top-in-field professionals who have overseen to mitigate legal, regulatory and reputational risk. IT security at major enterprises, such as Assurant Solutions, Diageo and General Growth Partners. Our We rigorously test the security of IT systems, as if weexecutives are all former professionals at the Big 4 or were hackers ourselves. We ensure compliance withtop-tier consulting firms. data privacy laws and standards to reduce regulatory risk. We help fix whats broken and, if trouble comes,nCertificationsdeploy powerful forensics. We dont just say were good: We back it up. Our firm has earned coveted industry certifications, such as PCI QSA We even tackle the human side of IT security, by trainingand PCI PFI. Our professionals are required to maintain employees to recognize when they are being targetedhigh-level certifications in relevant fields.through our proprietary ERMProtect e-learning platform.nTrusted by Big BrandsOur clients include multiple Fortune 500 companies. We started small with them to prove ourselves, and they WHY 300+ COMPANIES keep coming back. Weve proven again and again that a HAVE PICKED US boutique can deliver top quality at a reasonable rate. nExperience nCompliance ExpertiseOur company has been in the field fighting and Were not just an IT security company, were an remediating cyber threats for more than 20 years, sinceIT security company that knows data regulatory the companys founding in 1998. We have a 90 percentrequirements inside and out. We identify gaps in IT client retention rate, which we think says it all. security compliance and help clients shore up defenses. 30+ 5,000+ 4,000+ 21IndustriesPen TestsSecurity Years inServed Performed Assessments BusinessPerformedOur integrity is our No. 1 value. That, and client loyalty, drive everything we do. Silka Gonzalez, Founder and President, ERMProtect 2019 ERMProtect. All rights reserved.'