b'organizations physical controls and security measures toInformation Security Implementationprovide insight into vulnerabilities. We help organizations build cybersecurity from the Vendor / Supply Chain Risk Assessments ground up. We start from the very foundations of your organizations cybersecurity documentation and work Your vendors and supply chain providers presentup all the way to actual installation, configuration, and security risks that must be identified and managed.implementation of the principles of your cybersecurity We help organizations implement a Cybersecurity Riskprogram.Management Program that identifies, classifies, monitors and manages vendor / supply chain risk on a consistentInformation Security Remediationbasis. Our periodic risk assessments use best-practiceWe help organizations with the often highly technical monitoring tools that align with ISO 27002, FFIEC, PCI,process of remediating issues identified during COBIT, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework HIPAA, GDPRvulnerability testing. We assist the organization to and other regulations. implement changes and updates that improve IT security.Cybersecurity Advisory for Board Members CISO OutsourcingBoard members charged with governance must makeFor organizations that may be constrained by money prudent decisions about an organizations cybersecurityor expertise, we offer a Chief Information Officer (CISO) posture. We work closely with board members tolevel resource who designs, guides and supervises the in-help them understand how to evaluate cybersecurityhouse information security function in a results-oriented options within the context of budget, strategic plans andmanner.business impact.Technical Audit OutsourcingOrganizations can outsource part or all of their internal technical audit function to our company.305-447-6750 |[email protected] |https://ermprotect.com'