Security Awareness Training

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security Awareness Training (SAT) is a formal process for educating employees about ever-evolving  cyber threats and their role in protecting their organizations.  Online Security Awareness Training arms employees with tools and training that helps them avoid cyberattacks aimed at computer users.

Employees learn the many and varied ways in which criminals will deliberately try to trick them into exposing an organization’s sensitive information, for example, through phishing emails. They become  aware that  everyone in the organization (not just IT security) needs to understand the risks and defensive strategies to help prevent data breaches.

Cyber Security Awareness Training also ensures employees are fully aware of the business consequences of failing to protect the organization from attackers. Such consequences span from criminal penalties to economic damage to the company.

Why is Security Awareness Training important?

With cyberattacks increasing exponentially each year, it is critical that companies engrain a cyber-aware culture throughout their organizations. People, not technology, are key to providing an adequate level of security. That’s because hackers know that employees are the weakest link in information security and actively work to exploit them through phishing attacks and other means.

A robust and enterprise-wide awareness and training program will ensure employees understand their IT security responsibilities, organizational policies, and proper use of the IT resources entrusted to them.