Course Library

We add new courses in both English and Spanish each month.

Whiteboard Animation Courses

A chalkboard artist takes you inside a workplace where unwary employees are lured by hackers into online behaviors that lead to damaging data breaches.

Each story tells users how to spot and avoid these attacks.  Content lessons are reinforced at the end with 5 Quick Tips and a Quiz.

Bite-sized Videos

These 30-second “cyber dictionary” videos make it easy to identify and understand the latest cyber threats.  Users learn how data can be compromised if they aren’t careful online.

Told in bullet-point fashion, this content is for employees who need to be aware of risky online behaviors. They can watch at their desk or on their smartphones, and quickly get back to work.

Lecture Courses

Told in a collection of 1- to 3-minute videos, these courses help users who prefer video learning to understand basic information about cyberthreats and how to stay safe online.

Participants learn core concepts and other important information in a clear and concise fashion so that the topic can be easily understood.