Simply put, our passion is to help businesses grow and prosper by mitigating their cybersecurity risk.

That means we rigorously test the security of their IT systems, as if we were hackers ourselves. We ensure they are following data privacy laws and standards to reduce regulatory risk. We help our clients fix what’s broken, and then we test again.

Our cybersecurity solutions aren’t just technology based. We understand that just one person can expose an organization to a damaging breach by opening the wrong email, surfing a malicious site or letting the wrong person into a secure area. That’s why we developed ERMProtect, an e-learning platform that arms employees with the tools and security awareness training to protect themselves and their organizations from cyberattacks.

And if trouble comes, we’re there for you. Our Forensic Practice Group includes experienced investigators with backgrounds handling fraud, whistleblower complaints and large data breaches. We get to the bottom of things, and our methodologies stand up in court.

Maybe we’re burying the lead here, but there’s one more thing you should know about us:

Our integrity is our No. 1 value. That, and client loyalty, drive everything we do.

 - Silka Gonzalez, Founder and President
Miami, Florida


Deeper Dive

We’ve been around since 1998 in Miami, Florida and have served over 300 clients with our cybersecurity solutions and forensics. We like to think that’s because our North Star has always been clear to us. We help clients:


By anticipating the known IT security risks of today and the unknown risks of tomorrow.


By rigorously testing to surface vulnerabilities.


By implementing sound cybersecurity practices.


By protecting shareholder and stakeholder value.