Remote Access Cybersecurity Services

How We Can Help:

Secure Remote Systems & Configurations

  • Secure Remote Infrastructure
    Our cyber experts review and secure an organization’s complete, end-to-end remote access infrastructure to prevent intrusions that could expose an organization’s systems and data. We delve deeply into each configuration setting applied to individual remote access infrastructure elements, encompassing firewalls, routers, switches, servers, databases, applications, intrusion detection/prevention systems, VPNs, VOIP, email systems, privilege and access control, authentication controls, backup controls, change and patch management, logging and monitoring controls, and any other technical infrastructure element that participates even peripherally in the remote access process flow.
  • Deploy Logging and Monitoring
    Now more than ever, it is critically important to log and monitor remote systems and user activity in order to detect, deter and monitor security events. ERMProtect helps clients implement rigorous and time-tested control mechanisms.

Test to Identify New Vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing
    Scans and penetration tests will detect security holes in an organization’s newly transformed IT infrastructure. For penetration tests, our highly trained ethical hackers simulate cyberattacks, identify vulnerabilities and detail how to shore up defenses. We test:

    • External networks
    • Internal networks
    • Web applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Wireless networks
  • Social Engineering Tests
    With a single click, an employee that responds from home to a phishing attack could give hackers access to your entire IT infrastructure, defeating all technical security measures in place. Our cyber experts test whether remote employees are susceptible to cyberattacks, which have grown exponentially during the COVID-19 crisis. By identifying specific vulnerabilities, organizations can then train workers to spot and avoid these attacks.

Respond to Data Breaches

  • Incident Response On-Demand
    Our veteran data breach experts stop ongoing attacks, investigate what happened, and perform a thorough clean-up operation. All key evidence is identified, recorded, and preserved in a manner that is admissible in a court of law. And our veteran investigators have deep experience working with internal IT security personnel and law enforcement personnel.

Deploy Digital Forensics

  • Digital Forensics / Litigation Support
    Unfortunately, in times of crisis, bad actors emerge to exploit the situation. Our certified digital forensic experts acquire, analyze and preserve digital evidence for use in litigation, fraud investigations and probes of misconduct. All key evidence is handled in a manner that ensures its admissibility in a court of law.

Ensure Compliance & Privacy

  • Ensure Compliance and Data Privacy of Remote Workforce
    Overnight, remote workers and supporting IT infrastructure likely came into scope for organizations with compliance requirements. We can help protect organizations in several ways:

    • Assess an organization’s remote solutions to identify implications for data privacy and compliance
    • Recommend compensating controls that protect customer and patient data
    • Secure remote environments so they comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and GLBA

Train Employees to Spot Phishing Scams

  • Security Awareness Training
    People are the weakest link in cybersecurity and cyber criminals know it. They are leveraging the COVID-19 crisis by luring employees with phishing emails. Our 100+ library of animations, games and videos teach employees how to protect the organization’s information while working from home or anywhere in the world. The training is fun, engaging and under 5 minutes per module to keep people tuned in. Training can be delivered on our platform or via SCROM modules for your organization’s LMS.
  • Custom Security Awareness Training
    Our team of content and subject matter experts produces customized videos that address your organization’s specific vulnerabilities and needs. We have developed customized training for the U.S. Navy, Homeland Security, large universities etc.

Improve IT Security

  • Security Remediation
    At the conclusion of cybersecurity assessments, organizations may have a long list of vulnerabilities to fix that require highly technical expertise. ERMProtect assists organizations in remediating cybersecurity issues and implementing necessary changes.
  • CISO outsourcing
    Organizations may lack the expertise to deal with highly technical components of their cybersecurity program. These functions can be outsourced to ERMProtect. If needed, we also can provide an experienced CISO-level resource to design, guide, and supervise the in-house information security function.
  • Cybersecurity Advisory Services
    Board members are now faced with an even bigger challenge to make prudent cybersecurity decisions for their organizations. These decisions often dictate the tempo of an organization’s cybersecurity efforts and eventually the protection of the organization’s information assets and reputation. ERMProtect works closely with board members across industries to help them understand and evaluate cybersecurity options and their implications for business operations and the bottom line.

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Why ERMProtect?


Our team holds high-level cybersecurity certifications and master’s or PhD-level degrees.


We have performed more than 40,000 assessments during our 23 years in business and achieved a 90 percent client retention rate.


Our work across more than 35 industry verticals gives us deep insight into the latest attack vectors facing public and private businesses.


We leverage our deep knowledge of data regulatory requirements across industries to help clients avoid reputational, legal and regulatory damage in multiple areas.

Investigative Prowess

Our cyber investigation team includes veteran investigators who have handled large data breaches and complex fraud investigations.


We are a boutique powered by former executives of Fortune 500 companies and Big Four consulting firms. We offer top-shelf consulting, for a reasonable price.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“ERMProtect has been a great partner for our Bank for many years. I have always felt that the quality of service received from ERMProtect and staff have been excellent and unmatched by any other information security firm provider surrounding pen testing and threat intelligence relating specifically to our organization. “

Frank Iglesias

“For 8 years, ERMProtect has provided Paybox with effective cybersecurity services covering all of our PCI DSS needs and ongoing penetration testing requirements. As a thought partner in our compliance initiatives, their professional team is highly trained and regarded as a trusted advisor in our information assurance process.”

Jorge Ferrer

"Throughout the years, ERMProtect has offered TecniCard excellent services and support, providing effective fraud-fighting solutions. Their tests of our Network and Applications to identify possible deficiencies are rigorous and highly effective. The expertise and professionalism of the staff is at the top of the industry."

Oscar Gálvez