In-Person, Call or Video Conference

  • ERMProtect is easy to set up and use.  Most clients complete the set up on their own.
  • If your administrator needs help with any aspects of the set up, he/she can call or email us.  We are also happy to schedule a webinar to walk you through the platform.
  • Once you start using ERMProtect, you can also call or email us with questions. Get in touch with us.

Administrator & User Guidelines

  • You have access to our step-by-step administrator and user guides.
  • The ERMProtect admin guide focuses on items such as following: How do I add a company logo to my account? How do I add a course to the Learning Library? How do I add a program? How do I add users to my account?
  • The ERMProtect user guide focuses on items such as the following: How do I add a profile picture? How do I begin a course? How do I use the Learning Library? How do I view a certificate of completion for my course?

Frequently Asked Questions

ERMProtect is a new-school approach to security awareness training.  ERMProtect covers many major topics related to information security and compliance.

Our training is currently available in the following formats:

  1. Whiteboard Animation
  2. Cyber Dictionary
  3. Games
  4. Lecture Style

Our training courses are short and to the point.  The Whiteboard Animation courses are ~10-15 minutes long, Lecture Style courses are ~15-30 minutes long, and Cyber Dictionary videos are ~1 minute long.

Our courses are designed by our Cybersecurity experts.  They are subject matter experts with many years of industry experience and hold most major industry certifications.

Yes!  We can create completely customized courses in any of our content formats.  Previous examples and pricing are available upon request.

Yes.  Content suggestions are always welcome by emailing [email protected].

ERMProtect will send a monthly client newsletter that lists the content we released that month.

Yes.  We have sample training curricula available by industry.

Yes, courses can be purchased à la carte for use on your own platform.

Yes, our courses are available in SCORM upon request.

Our training courses are generally updated when applicable.

Yes.  ERMProtect offers customized phishing solutions.  Our team can create a completely custom phishing campaign for your organization, execute the campaign, and provide a detailed report.

Our courses are currently available in English and Spanish.  Multiple language support is expected in the future.

ERMProtect utilizes the Bridge by Instructure platform.

Windows 10 and newer, Mac OSX 10.6 and newer, Linux – chromeOS.

Microsoft IE 11, Chrome 68 and 69, Safari 10 and 11, Firefox 61 and 62 (Extended Releases are not supported), Flash 30 and 31 (viewing audio/video and uploading files).

iOS (Safari, Chrome) and Android (Browser, Internet, Firefox, Chrome).

Bridge by Instructure platform and data is hosted on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) which is fully compliant, and ISO certified. There is no unauthorized external access to data.

The subscription includes access to all of our current and future training courses.

For annual and multi-year subscriptions, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  We can also invoice you – payment terms are net 30.

ERMProtect also provides a range of professional services – Information Security strategy and governance, assessments, remediation, implementation, digital forensics, and more.  Go to for more information.

[email protected] Office number is 305-447-6750.