Our Approach

Security Awareness Infographic

Establish A Baseline

The platform surveys your employees to test their cybersecurity awareness. Based on these results, we can create a customized Security Awareness Training program tailored to the highest areas of risks for individuals or groups within an organization.

Start Training

Users access an extensive library of animated videos, games and more that teach them how to avoid the tactics and tricks hackers use.
Security Awareness Infographic

Measure Progress

At the push of a button, the platform allows you to periodically re-test employees and reinforce learning.

Get Results

With a few key strokes, you can produce detailed reporting – by department or individuals – to show improvement and continuing challenges.

Innovative Styles

Our content comes in a variety of formats. Just pick your favorite style.

Whiteboard Animations

Style: A chalkboard artist takes you inside a workplace where unwary employees are lured by hackers into online behaviors that lead to damaging data breaches. Each story tells users how to spot and avoid these attacks.  Content lessons are reinforced at the end with 5 Quick Tips and a Quiz.

Content: The animations are engaging and last no more than about five minutes. Users stay tuned in and get back to work quickly. The library of 40+ videos is always growing, staying up to date with emerging threats.

Interactive Games

Style: Users get points or lose points based on their responses to virtual cyberattacks. Extra points awarded or deducted based on speed of response. Leaderboard allows player to see where they rank against other users.

Content: Users are shown phishing emails, phony smartphone offers, fake website log-ins, social media tricks and other hacker lures. They are asked in a multiple-choice test what they should do next.  After answering, they are shown the correct response to reinforce learning.

Bite-sized Videos

Style: Told in bullet-point fashion, these 30-second “cyber dictionary” videos make it easy to identify the latest cyber threats.  In seconds, users become aware of the ways in which sensitive information can be compromised if they aren’t careful online. Employees can watch at their desk or on their smartphones.

Content: Designed for use by employees who need a basic level of awareness to assist the organization in maintaining information security. The cyber dictionaries provide quick-hit know-how so employees can identify cyber threats when they see them. Awareness serves as yet another deterrent.


Why ERMProtect?

Easy To Use Platform

You can start training on Day One, with our easy-to-use platform. No technical expertise required to set up and go. If you prefer to use your own platform, you can license our content.

Content By Real Experts

Our curriculum is developed by highly-trained cybersecurity professionals with years of experience working in the field to fight today’s threats.

Unlimited Access

Training modules include animated videos, games, podcasts and lecture-style videos. Pick your style and get unlimited access to our full library.

Phishing Tests

We offer many different types of customized tests, including phishing, to identify tactics and tricks that prompt your employees to fall victim to hackers.

Customized Content

We can customize our content with your branding and specific workplace scenarios. Other options include in-person presentations, table-top exercises, webinars and podcasts.

Detailed Reporting

Our platform enables managers to track employees’ progress and create comprehensive reports to measure usage, engagement and competency. You can drill-down by department or even by individual.

Client Testimonials

I am so happy with the tool, the content, the reporting and the functionality. All are friendly to manage, but the most important thing is that my users enjoy and learn about Information Security.


Financial Institution

Reporting capabilities make learning easy to track and the courses are relevant.  ERMProtect is meeting our needs.


Financial Institution

ERMProtect is a fantastic tool to provide the staff with firsthand knowledge regarding security do’s and don’ts. The courses are well-defined and supported with videos. Also, there is a way to track who took the course. We recommend it 100%.

Oscar Galvez


All faculty, staff and students at Xavier University found ERMProtect’s Security awareness training service comprehensive, creative and helpful for every type of learner. Our community is now well informed and knows how to identify scams and phishing very quickly. We appreciate the support and solutions ERMProtect provides.

Jeff Edwards

Xavier University

We appreciate that ERMProtect offers one-stop solutions to all our cyber and training needs. ERMProtect helps us remain reliable and secure.

Rosa Ortiz

Helm Bank

We switched to ERMProtect because our original security awareness training provider was costly and outdated. ERMProtect gave us far more subjects, tracking, SSO integration and fully customizable courses and programs all for less than our original provider. It’s definitely the best choice for compliance teaching that we’ve seen.


Financial Institution

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