2026: The Future of Cybersecurity

There is a lot of chatter regarding the impending explosion of the cybersecurity industry. Analysts and industry experts all seem to agree that the future of cybersecurity is bright.

The industry itself is not new. ERMProtect has been one of the most respected cybersecurity firms in the industry for 18 years. But the tech industry is dynamic and the changes that the industry might undergo will give birth to an entirely different enterprise.

So what does the future of cybersecurity look like in 10 years?

In the Year 2026:

  • There will be an estimated 4.7 billion people online. The population is estimated to climb to 8,153,000,000 people, which means that over half of the people on the planet, one out of every two people, will have access to the internet.
  • Nearly 50 billion connected devices all over the world. Emerging countries will have a burst of innovation. Already, there are internet cafes in Ghana powered by solar panels, and the push to educate and empower these nations is leading to cheap and effective tech to allow for internet access.
  • 80% of percent of internet connections could come from mobile devices, turning the future of cybersecurity towards mobile.
  • The internet of things will change the world we live in. The ‘internet of things’ refers to the connection of devices like thermostats and refrigerators to the internet; effectively creating smart environments; a web 3.0 of sorts. The issue is, these ‘things’ will be hackable and cybersecurity firms will likely have more involvement in the manufacturing phase of these products.
  • Just as DNA changed criminal investigation, digital will change criminal investigation. Enter the world of cyber forensics and a major part of all cybersecurity firms, including ERMProtect, will be taking part. 50% of crimes require cyber forensics already, which is typically conducted by the FBI. The issue with the internet of things when it comes to security is that it is not just your home that will need added cybersecurity for devices and appliances that connect to the internet, but hospitals as well, since most of the advances are being made in regards to medical technology.

Like actual physical security companies, cybersecurity firms will choose to remain somewhat anonymous.

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