5 Distinct Security Breaches: Phishing, Malware and others

The cyber security professionals at ERMProtect have dealt with every form of cyber-attack and breach there is. There are 5 distinct types of security breaches that all businesses and networks should know about.

Malware – This is a general term that describes any virus. It’s what you get when you combine malicious intent with software: malware. Trojans and worms are famous versions of malware. Risk management firms will always recommend not clicking on links or attachments in emails you don’t recognize.

PhishingThis refers attempts to extract personal information by masking intentions and making the request or website look official. Just like actual fishing, the cyber criminals put out their rod and hope to catch a fish that bites. It might be your phone company asking for updated information; don’t trust anyone. Only with correct training of staff internally or from a risk management firm in Miami, Florida put an end to phishing attacks working.

Password Attacks – Cyber criminals run a program that tries multiple passwords in order to gain access to your data. Brute force attacks or combination attacks will crack unsecure passwords. Ensure you and your employees are using passwords that are secure.

Ransomware – This is a new and very popular type of security breach that mostly affects business that need access to sensitive data in a timely manner; namely hospitals and law firms. A cyber-criminal will gain access to the company system and lock it from all use. Then instructions to pay a ransom are left in the virus itself and money is either collected, or the information is lost. These threats are causing more companies to turn to risk management firms like ERMProtect.

Denial-of-Service – A website is inundated with requests or data until the system crashes. The cyber-criminal will often use a host of personal computers to carry out the attack. The other computers may belong to individuals who have no idea their machine is being used in the attack. These security breaches will usually only affect big companies and they are usually a form of protest.

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