Banking & Cybersecurity: Awareness Is Step 1

Financial cybersecurity is a top priority for the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). But it’s not just them. Banking institutions are always remaining vigilant in the defense against cyber-attacks. Year after year, statistics released show that financial institutions are top of the list of most targeted organizations. Cyber criminals are always looking for an opportunity or a vulnerability.

To Improve your banks financial cyber security, begin with these easy steps:

Awareness – Use training and companywide communication methods to promote awareness with all your employees. The more training available to staff members with access to sensitive data the better.

ISO 27000“Plan, Do, Check, Act” – This ideal implemented and recommended by the International Standards Organization outlines a plan to take you through figuring out the cyber risks, fixing them, monitoring results and acting to make successful changes to increase protection. For more information, you can see our blog post on the ISO 27000.

Behavior Change – It is important to create a culture that respects the need to maintain financial cyber security and all security in general. The more ingrained the information and the more often is spoken of, the better. Demonstrating the link between an employee’s actions and the potential threats they cause and constant communication are recommended.

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