Basic Steps to Take When Dealing With Data Security Breach

As a cyber security company in Miami, Florida, ERMProtect believes that in a perfect world, security threats and data breaches would be non-existent. We have left the era where 100 percent protection from data breaches was even remotely possible. We are now living in a technological time where even a single, seemingly harmless act such as an employee clicking on a bad link, using an unsecured WiFi connection, or downloading corrupt software can unleash a full scale cyber infection.

On the bright side, this does not mean that your enterprise is completely helpless, vulnerable, and exposed to a cyber breach. You can implement a series of protective cyber security steps that will improve your ability to avoid disaster and combat damage that may occur.

Cyber security agencies in South Florida have steps for dealing with a security breach:

  • Identify the attack.

It is crucial to identify which system and/or devices have been breached. Gather information about the command and control sever that were used in the attack, and determine the type of attack. Speculate the attacker’s agenda to help you find the intended target of the attack.

  • Isolate the damage.

Prevent the spreading of attack to other users, which would cause further damage, by isolating compromised endpoints and assets. ERMProtect in Miami recommends that you do not hurt business by going offline, but rather quarantine the affected servers or computers.

Start with the most critical quarantined systems and begin to clean up the attack. Try not to destroy valuable evidence since network breach is a crime.

  • Share information.

Legally, you are required to disclose a cyber-attack, especially to those who are potentially affected. Decide if sharing information is a necessary public relations move, especially if the attacks is threatening your customers.

  • Enforce security.

Re-secure your network by triple checking all compromised devices and servers; and make sure to change all passwords. Perhaps the very best thing you can do at this point is hire a cyber security company in South Florida that will work to ensure that you have properly cleaned up the cyber-attack, and will implement solutions to keep your servers protected from future data breaches.

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