Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

Companies in These Industries Need Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

By ERMProtect Staff

When it comes to online security of customer data, your company cannot afford to take a chance. That is why your organization should undergo annual cybersecurity penetration testing.

What companies need this the most? What industries need this the most? What information is the most important for you to protect?

This is your guide.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

One industry that definitely needs to stay on top of its cybersecurity is the healthcare industry. This is an industry that handles a lot of sensitive data such as names, health insurance information, maiden names, financial data, date of birth, contact information, health information and more.

It’s a treasure trove of data and explains why the healthcare industry is the victim of a lot of cyber-attacks. Almost 50 million people were affected by data breaches last year in the healthcare industry alone.

Companies in the healthcare industry must ensure that their patient's personal information is safe if they want to be trusted. Penetration testing, which is required by several health care industry regulations, will expose weaknesses before they can be exploited by hackers.

Penetration Testing in Finance

Another industry that really needs to stay on top of its cybersecurity is the financial industry.  The reason is obvious: banks and financial institutions handle people's personal money. This means information from banking accounts, stock investments, retirement plans, and more, are potential targets

Banks, in particular, have a reputation for being secure places where people can store their money. This trust cannot be eroded. Penetration testing is one way to ensure banks and other finance companies are not vulnerable to attacks and maintain positive business relationships with their customers.

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing for Airlines

Airlines have different types of personal information that they need to keep secure. Besides some of the other data already mentioned in this article, airlines may have sensitive identifying documents such as passports up for grabs.

This can be as bad as losing your driver's license. The reason is that a passport is a unique ID with a unique number. Since that ID number is very specific, it can make it easier for someone to conduct identity theft.

That is not the only airline data that can be compromised. Basic information like someone's name, contact information, and date of birth may also be sought out by attackers.  Worse, credit card information can be compromised. Again, penetration testing by clever ethical hackers can unveil gaps and lead to better security.

Social Media Penetration Testing

Some people may underestimate how much personal information social media platforms have on their users. Well, hackers are certainly aware of this, and they will use social media to cause damage.

When it comes to social media cyber-attacks, it is not always about finding data that is on a social media page. Sometimes, it is about impersonating a user to  get family and friends to let their guard down and click on malicious links. Hackers may even strike up conversations to elicit sensitive information.

With your name, date of birth, home city, close family and friends, plus potential security question answers on those pages, it is no wonder why these platforms are getting targeted. For users to continue using those platforms, these companies need to make sure that they are a safe place from hackers.

Government Penetration Testing

Finally, the government is arguably one of the most important sectors in need of cyber security.

Think about it. Wars can get started if the wrong information gets out. National security can be compromised. Essential services could fall victim to cyber-attacks. What if someone gets control of a water treatment plant? An electrical grid?

There obviously needs to be extra security in this industry. Frequent – and specialized - penetration testing is part of the answer.

Conduct Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

ERMProtect has been performing penetration testing of all types for 25 years, serving 35+ industry verticals, including all five of the industries mentioned in this article. We have the experience and insight to protect your critical infrastructure and your customers.

For more information about penetration testing services click here. For a free quote, please contact [email protected] or call 305.447.6750.

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