Cybersecurity Tip of the Day - Chargers

Cyber Tip of the Day - Chargers

To help promote Cybersecurity Awareness, we would like to start your week with a tip to stay safe online. Today's subject: Chargers.

Hackers have found ways to tamper with chargers and use them to load malware into your devices to target cyber attacks. Next time you connect your phone to a public charger, be cautious, as it could steal information from your phone and relay it wirelessly to a hacker who doesn’t even have to be nearby.

Here are some cybersecurity tips to protect yourself:

  • Avoid using those readily available, free chargers or any other such accessories available at public places.
  • If you must use a public charger, then switch off your smartphone before connecting it to the charging station.
  • Always password protect your devices. Use strong passwords. Long passphrases make excellent passwords.
  • Keep your smartphone software up-to-date and use a good antivirus solution.
  • When using public chargers protect your device from being stolen or being exchanged with an identical twin.
  • Never let any of your devices out of your sight.
  • To improve cybersecurity and help protect yourself, avoid using public chargers altogether if possible. Carry your own personal charger or a portable power bank instead.

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