Cybersecurity Tip of the Day - Rootkits

Cyber Tip of the Day - Rootkits

Happy Monday! We would like to start your week with a tip to stay safe while online. Today’s subject: Rootkits.

Rootkits open up a “backdoor” into a computer system. Once they’re installed, they let in other viruses or hackers who can then force a cyber attack and infect your machine or steal information. Rootkits give hackers the ability to take complete control over your machine.

Here are some cybersecurity tips to protect yourself:

  • To improve your cybersecurity awareness pay attention to abnormal system behavior such as failure to respond to keyboard input, surges in network traffic, or frozen screens.
  • Switch off your devices when you’re not using them.
  • Consider disconnecting from the Internet when you are not working online.
  • Use a good anti-virus solution that has anti-malware and anti-phishing capabilities.
  • Use strong passwords. Rootkits often breach systems due to weak passwords set on root or administrator accounts.
  • Be cautious when clicking on links or opening attachments in email or online posts, or when downloading unknown applications. These are the common entry routes for rootkits and often lead to a cyber attack.

Be Smart. Be Aware. Be Secure.  ERMProtect.

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