Cybersecurity – Continual Upgrades Required

The recent rise in ransomware attacks has put a spotlight on cybersecurity throughout the world. Multiple hospitals and law firms have been attacked in the past few weeks and it shows no sign of stopping. Once viruses like ransomware infect your system, the only way to stop them is to pay the ransom, or lose all your data. So is it time to upgrade your cyber security? If you feel uneasy at the thought of having your data held hostage, it might be time to evaluate your preparedness.

Cybersecurity firms in Miami, Florida will take the time to determine where vulnerabilities are located in your system. A vulnerability can be digital or social. Social engineering and hacking is fast becoming a go to method that cyber criminals use to gain access to a system. The FFIEC has releases a cybersecurity assessment tool to assist businesses in gauging their level of inherent risk. Some companies are turning to that as a means of self-assessment. Miami cybersecurity firm ERMProtect offers a range of different assessment packages including full penetration testing.

The important thing for companies to do is assess the level of risk before it’s too late. Being proactive and not reactive is the only sure fire way to beat cyber criminals at their own game. If you have multiples employees, if you store sensitive data or if your company has no standard procedure for maintaining some form of security, then it is time to upgrade your cyber security. It could be an outside attack, a persuasive social engineer or even a former employee; stay protected!

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