FFIEC Assessment Tool: Necessary to Combine with Assessment

Viruses and malware aren’t going anywhere. Cyber threats are constantly evolving in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve. Now more than ever, it’s important for every cybersecurity firm to stay one step ahead of the would-be cyber criminals. Federal cybersecurity analysts and experts created the FFIEC cybersecurity Assessment tool as answer to cybersecurity threats.

The FFIEC cybersecurity assessment tool is a free resource available on the federal website that details the potential risks that business face in the fast moving digital world. The tool acts as an assessment and guide with the aim being to educate and foster an awareness for cybersecurity. Businesses follow the guide step by step, honestly and precisely mapping out the potential cybersecurity threats inherent in their business dealings.

Federal cybersecurity analysts created the tool as a means for business owners and companies to assess risks themselves, but the fact remains that many companies need the guidance and expertise of professional cybersecurity firms. The FFIEC cybersecurity assessment tool is meant purely to discover and weed out vulnerabilities in the company. If a weak point or vulnerability is discovered the advice given states to create a strategy to reduce the inherent risk. Although good advice, there are no further details.

This is where the help of an IT security company can come in handy. ERMProtect recommends using the tool to discover risk and then assessing the need for a professional cybersecurity firm to strengthen vulnerabilities thereafter. Federal cybersecurity standards are a great starting point, but not the final answer.

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