ISO 9000: Principles & Benefits

The International Organization for Standardization’s Technical Committee produces the international quality management and quality assurance standards known as the ISO 9000 series of standards. ERMProtect is aware that most businesses have heard of the ISO 9000 standard series, which provides a starting place for all encompassing quality efforts. ISO does not lend its name to advertisements and is not a registration business; ISO is only responsible for creating and publishing international standards for upholding customer expectations.

More than 100 countries participate in ISO. ISO 9000 standards stipulate where organizations need documentation to validate processes and approaches, it does not in any way measure or recognize the quality of a product. ISO 9000 addresses various aspects of quality management, guidance, and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services meet their customer’s requirements, and that quality is constantly being improved.

One field that the ISO 9000 standards benefits, that many are not aware of, is pandemic prevention planning. ERMProtect honors the ISO 9000 standards with their pandemic flu prevention planning services. Controlling contamination is essential in many manufacturing and research settings, but it requires strict and stringent processes. Pandemic flu planning requires the implementation of administration, technical, and physical safeguards, all of which require a set of standards to ensure quality assurance and quality management.

Business continuity planning and related services for pandemic influenza are critical since businesses have a major responsibility to protect their employees’ health and safety, as well as limit negative effects on the economy and society. Choose a pandemic flu prevention planning company that is registered to ISO 9000 and ensures quality, as well as one that meets customer expectations and demands.

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