Myspace and Tumbler: No target too big or too important for cyber-hackers to compromise

When it comes to the recent Myspace and Tumblr hacks, ERMProtect, a global cyber security firm, states that there is no target too big ortoo important for cyber-hackers to compromise.

When we hear about cyber-attacks on major online networks and companies, the tales are much like the story of David versus Goliath. Cyber-security agencies in Miami want business owners, financial industry leaders, and social media outlets to know that no matter how small a cyber attacker may seem, the hackers are winning in this day and age. If these mega hacks are evidence of anything for business, it’s this:

You are constantly a target and it is only a matter of time - Not 'if', but 'when'

Both the Myspace and Tumblr hacks are proof that constant vigilance and diligent preparation are the only way to mitigate damage caused by hackers. If your business, network, or employees are not prepared for a cyber security breach, you are susceptible to being hacked and having millions of dollars compromised. It is best to spend the money on cyber security software and employee training in order to prevent these instances from causing damage to your company.


The date of the cyber breach is unknown, but it was confirmed to contain accounts from before 2013. An unidentified hacker who goes by the name “Peace” has been linked to the hack.

360,213,024 emails and passwords were stolen, making this the biggest data breach of all time, which could have been prevented by a global cyber security firm.


The original breach took place in 2013 by the same Russian hacker who breached all of the Myspace cyber security.

65,469,298 unique email addresses and passwords were stolen, making this mega hack the fourth largest behind Myspace, LinkedIn (164 million), and Adobe (154 million).

Global Cyber Security Firm Analysis:

The companies are affected because they may lose the trust of their clients. Abreach like this poses the question: what else did they have access to? Company secrets? Financials? Both the Myspace and Tumblr hacks were kept somewhat hidden from the media, with very little information released.

Users may not see this as a terribly important revelation, but after Tumblr sent emails to affected users suggesting they change passwords, most went to Twitter totweet about the inconvenience. At the end of the day, a global cyber security firm could have prevented this huge disaster from happening in the first place.

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