Social Media & Cybersecurity: Employee Awareness

Social media poses a cybersecurity challenge to all companies. On one hand, it is a powerful tool that can make a massive difference to your company’s image, while maintaining important and valuable lines of communication with clients and customers. One the other hand, it could represent a potential cyberattack point to hackers looking for sensitive data.

Leaks might not come from your company’s social media, it might stem from corporate employees oversharing on their own personal social media sites or personal devices. People are becoming increasingly comfortable with openly providing information on their social media profiles. A savvy hacker could find more out about your company from an employee’s personal social media profile than from your company’s profile. Are your employees trained in cybersecurity?

Another often overlooked issue: are your employee provided with company phones and devices? Do they bring their own devices to work? Those devices are carried from a (hopefully) secure network at the office to an unsecure connection at their homes, and all that company information and access is taken with them. If a hacker gained access to your company’s social media through an employee’s device, it could mean real devastation to your company’s brand and image.

Cyberattacks occur frequently. Some are successful while other aren’t. There are just so many vulnerabilities these days. Good training and constant training is a standard that should be met constantly. If you are unsure of how vulnerable your company is, consider hiring a cybersecurity firm to ensure you are protected.

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