The Panama Papers Leak: What International Cybersecurity Firms Learned

Three months after the biggest data leak in history, 11.5 million documents (2.6 terabytes), where does cybersecurity stand now? International cybersecurity firms are chomping at the bit to discuss the implication the leak had on the international cybersecurity landscape.

What does the Panama papers leak mean for international cybersecurity?

The leak was biological, not electronic, meaning that the information contained in the Panama papers was funneled to journalists from a whistleblower in order to be released to the public. What the Panama papers and cybersecurity leaks like Edward Snowden's data leak have in common is quite simple: whistleblowers, not machinery, caused the leaks - taking on a whole other facet of security – physical security, information security, and employee safeguarding from leaking sensitive information.

The 2013 Edward Snowden leak of confidential FBI surveillance information was described as a wakeup call for major industries and organizations that already focus on software and network cybersecurity, but not so much on employee information security. Three years later, it seems as if not much has changed.

Leaks like the Panama papers make the news all over the world, but the issue is how many leaks don’t make the news and the ways in which leaks and security breaches are dealt with or learned from. How many financial institutions, corporations, or organizations have leaks at this very moment that they are unaware of? The answer is not clear because it is very hard to detect a hacker who has stealthily planted Trojans and other anti-cybersecurity malware in your networks and infrastructure

The whistleblower of the Panama papers still remains unknown, a victory on his part. Additionally, all journalists that had access to the servers containing the leaked files remained anonymous for months. By hiring a cybersecurity firm to secure your organization's or institution's information, finances, and network, you can safeguard from massive fails like the Panama papers Leak and the Snowden FBI information leak.

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