human error

The Top Cyber Threat — Human Error

By Sofia Villalobos, ERMProtect Staff

Since 2020, hybrid and remote work has changed the ways employees work — making companies even more susceptible to cyber-crimes. Cyberattacks are the number one global business risk for the second year in a row. But what’s more alarming is that nearly two-thirds of global CISOs are unprepared to successfully manage a cyberattack.

A recent survey published by Proofpoint showed that 67% of CISO respondents considered their employees to be the major causes of data loss in their organizations for these reasons:

  • Unintentionally exposing private information
  • Inadvertently compromising credentials
  • Intentional stealing important data

There is a strong need for more cybersecurity awareness training because human error, whether intentional or not, is an organization’s biggest vulnerability. Investing in cyber awareness training should be the top priority.

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