TiaraCon is Here and The Mission is Simple: Bring Women into The Cybersecurity Industry

It is no secret that there is a shortage of women in the tech industry. For years, tech companies have tried to lure women into the lucrative tech business, but it just has not worked out. ERMProtect is a cybersecurity industry outlier, a cybersecurity firm where woman make up approximately 50% of the company.

Cybersecurity statistics point to that fact that only about 25% of tech-related jobs in the United States belong to women. In the cyber security industry, those numbers decrease to roughly 11%.

As an information security company with a much larger than average female work force, ERMProtect understands the difficulty of finding women in the field.

TiaraCon is a 2-day conference at DEF CON 24 that aims to promote study and careers in the cybersecurity industry to potential female applicants. For women already in the cybersecurity industry, TiaraCon offered workshops centered around career advancement techniques. The conference took place August 4–5, 2016.

In regards to women, cybersecurity statistics across the board remain in the low double digits for almost all aspects of the tech industry. In 2012, just over 18% of the Bachelors of Computer Science degrees in the United States were earned by women, which was a decrease of almost 10% since 2002.

Regardless of any ethical implications, the advantages of having a balanced and diverse workforce can be seen in the returns. Companies with greater diversity, on average, make as much as 37% more revenue than those that lack it.

A different perspective can be a massive advantage, regardless of the industry. And, women-led cybersecurity firms like ERMProtect hope to see more women enter and become successful in the cybersecurity and other technology related professions.

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