Corporate Cyber Warfare On the Rise: How to Protect Your Company

Miami, FL – ERMProtect prepares companies for cyber warfare by employing expert services like penetration testing, IT risk assessments, and incident response services. Corporate cyber-attacks are increasing on a global scale, and corporations would be wise to begin discussing cybersecurity and penetration testing in standard boardroom meetings.

Retailers have a history of preparedness in terms of fraud and theft, and most have always taken the necessary steps in terms of cybersecurity preparedness. The Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (RCISC) was founded with the vision of creating a place for retailers to share intelligence regarding cybersecurity attacks.

PCI compliance was a hot topic in early 2016, and the introduction of EMV chipped cards added layers of security for retailers. ERMProtect says that EMV chips are a step in the right direction, but is not enough to safeguard your company from financial security breaches.

The RCISC’s website states, “Cyber-criminals are persistent and their methods are increasingly sophisticated, no industry, institution, or government agency is immune from attack. In 2013, federal agents notified more than 3,000 U.S. companies that their computer systems had been hacked”.

Cyber-security threats are both domestic and foreign in nature. Governments and corporate competitors may be turning to black-hat hackers for data collection and espionage. These black-hat hackers are the perfect patsies who, if caught, are said to have acted alone when the truth may be far more disturbing. The recent DNC server hack, the Clinton email scandal, and the Panama Papers should clearly illustrate the need for cybersecurity awareness and penetration testing. The issue is that most companies have no idea that they are victims of corporate cyber warfare.

Any retailer, consumer product company, or business that has not taken the necessary steps to protect themselves from corporate cyber warfare should contact a cybersecurity firm immediately. In the future, corporate cyber warfare will be as common place as malware.

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