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SOC 2 - Value Added Proposition

What is the real value of SOC 2 Compliance?

Major companies that outsource aspects of their data information operations can’t risk using vendors who don’t rigorously protect sensitive information. That’s why many organizations now demand that their vendors become
PCI DSS v4.0 – What you need to know now

PCI DSS v4.0 – What you need to know now

Some clients are already asking what to expect when the next version of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is released next year. That’s no surprise, since decisions that
How SOC 2 Audits Safeguard Data and Elevate Customer Confidence

A Guide to SOC 2 Reports

A SOC 2 audit allows businesses and organizations to: understand the IT security environment of third-party service providers (also known as service organizations) who handle sensitive data, assess the risks
FAQ on PCI DSS Certification

FAQ on PCI DSS Certification

The credit card and debit card data that power global transactions are a prime target for hackers. To ensure merchants and organizations protect this sensitive information, the Payment Card Brands
Your Guide to PCI Scannin Success

How Network Scans Protect Credit Card Data and Ensure Compliance with PCI DSS

The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires businesses that store, process or transmit credit data to regularly scan their external networks to detect possible vulnerabilities to intrusions. These scans
Cyber Tip of the Day - Public Computers

Cyber Tip of the Day – Public Computers

Public computers that offer you Internet access or serve as kiosks for you to take printouts are high-risk spaces where your personal and sensitive information can and will get stolen.