Cybersecurity Tip of the Day - Trojans

Cyber Tip of the Day - Trojans - Cybersecurity Awareness

To help promote Cybersecurity Awareness, we would like to start your week with a tip to stay safe online. Today’s subject: Trojans.

Trojans are a type of malware that pretend to be trustworthy, while they actually contain malicious code. A Trojan would run under the name of legitimate software that you’re unlikely to suspect is up to no good.

Here are some cybersecurity tips to protect yourself:

  • Use a good anti-virus solution that has anti-malware and anti-phishing capabilities.
  • When it comes to cybersecurity awareness, don’t fall for ads on websites that look like system messages or diagnostics warning you that something is wrong with your computer.
  • Be wary of mobile banking Trojans. They look like legitimate banking applications but end up stealing your online banking credentials and misuse them later to steal money from your accounts.
  • Make sure you run an anti-virus scan on external storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, and USBs before using them. Never plug unknown CDs or USB drives into your machine, they could contain malware.

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