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After a theft, fire or disaster, experts sift through the rubble to determine how it happened, how to prevent it in the future, and who to charge if it had criminal implications. On the surface, cyber forensic services are similar to any real-world forensic services. The Internet and World Wide Web is very young, which is something that many people forget. Cyber law is a still in its infancy stage, and development is slow.

ERMProtect’s computer incident response and cyber forensic services are the answer to the lawlessness that takes place online and that hackers target. What makes a cyber breach different from a physical breach is the fact that the cybercriminal is likely still there or syphoning data constantly. Cyber breaches have given fruition to more intelligent thieves, allowing them to steal while remaining, for the most part, anonymous.

How to handle a cyber-breach:

If your company suffers from a cyber-breach, what comes next? Much like a crime scene, there are steps to take to ensure that the issue is handled properly and carefully. Cyber forensic services and computer incident responses allow the leak to be stopped, the damages to be assessed, and the evidence to be preserved for proper investigation.

Why do you need incident response services?

- Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are the weakest link in corporate cybersecurity; just ahead of social media applications where victims willingly volunteer information. Experienced cyber forensic service providers know where to look to find entry points. Knowing numerous industries is a vital part of providing the proper incident response service, which ERMProtect ensures.

- 92% of 100,000 reported cybersecurity incidents fall into nine basic patterns. A lack of cybersecurity awareness and training continues to be the main factor regarding cyberattacks in all patterns. Hackers recycle tried and true methods because these attacks work consistently when a business network or application is not secure.

- In the past year, more than 70% of companies reported that they were targets of successful cyberattacks. Cyber forensic services provided by the nation's leading cyber-security firms are helping companies that have fallen victim to cybercriminals, but the truth is that measures should be taken towards securing your company's data before attacks take place.

Securing computer incident response services for your company is the first step. Prevention is better than a cure, but if your company has already fallen victim to a cyberattack, then computer incident response and cyber forensic services are a priority.

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