Software Development: Keeping Cybersecurity in Mind

Exploratory software testing is a technique used by software developers to simultaneously test and explore the code they are writing while they write it. It’s a form of combining the test phase and creation phase of software at the same time. In terms of cyber security, it can be invaluable. With the correct mindset, developers who use the exploratory software testing technique can make a huge difference in cybersecurity by thinking like a cybercriminal might.

Software testing services are the next logical step in finding any data weak points of vulnerabilities.  Professionals like ERMProtect test software to find any of the aforementioned weak points in order to protect companies from cybercriminals.

Although a fairly uncommon practice for engineers, software creators and developers, exploratory software testing can turn the tide in cyber security. Any form of security is always made stronger through awareness. A great time of security awareness and testing is in the construction phase of the software. That way no bugs are left in the system and oversights become much less common place. To find out if your software is secure and safe, contact the professionals at ERMProtect. You cannot put a price on security.

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