ERMProtect Launches Free "Live Hack" Video Series To Educate Public About Cyber Safety

Miami – ERMProtect, a leading cybersecurity firm, today released the first in a series of free videos to educate the public about cyber safety. The video series, “Live Hack,’’ features an ERMProtect cyber expert hacking a colleague and then providing prevention tips.

The videos are available free of charge on the company’s social media channels and website at

The video released today shows how hackers mimic the wireless access points of legitimate businesses to fool people into connecting. Hackers then pirate sensitive data from the unsuspecting victim’s computer.

This scam, known as “Evil Twin,’’ is easily avoided if users know a few basic tips about how to protect themselves.

Silka Gonzalez, president of ERMProtect, said organizations can better protect themselves from data breaches by training employees how to recognize hacker lures. The free “Live Hack” series supplements ERMProtect’s paid subscription library of 100+ security awareness modules, she said.

“Human vulnerabilities, more than technical ones, frequently open the door to extremely damaging breaches,’’ she said. “By training employees to work safely online, organizations can better protect themselves.’’

ERMProtect offers subscription-based security awareness training on an easy-to-use e-learning platform. The company’s 100+ animated videos, games, cyber dictionaries and lecture-style courses create a cyber-aware culture at organizations to lower the risk of attacks. All courses are available in English and Spanish.

ERMProtect was recently recognized by Gartner (NYSE: IT) as a “Vendor of Note” for its suite of computer-based Security Awareness Training. Gartner, the world’s foremost IT research and advisory firm, said in a November 2018 report that risk management leaders “must invest in tools that increase awareness and influence behavior’’ since cybercriminals know how to exploit human behaviors.

To view Live Hack, go to

To see a sample of ERMProtect training, go to

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